Practicing Gratitude

When I was an angsty teenager my brilliant Mom presented me with a journal and insisted that every day I had to fill one page with things I was thankful for. At first I would fill the page with snarky quips like, “I’m thankful for a door so I can close out my annoying family”, […]

Aging: Connecting Retired Men in Nashville

According to the CDC, mental health issues are often implicated as a factor in cases of suicide. Older men have the highest suicide rate of any age group. Men aged 85 years or older have a suicide rate of 45.23 per 100,000, compared to an overall rate of 11.01 per 100,000 for all ages (1). […]

Foods that Boost Immunity!

Foods that boost immunity are in high demand due to the current pandemic. Immunity is extremely important during this time because it is the body’s defense mechanism against infectious organisms and other invaders. This system is designed to attack these organisms and other substances that can cause disease. However, when this system is not nourished […]