I.C. Hope Campaign Asks Children and Youth: Where Do You C Hope?

Attitudes and ideas about mental health begin developing during childhood; all too frequently the implicit messages children receive around being mentally healthy are not positive, supportive, or accurate.

But Mental Health America Middle Tennessee (MHAMT) invites the community to imagine what the world would be like for a generation of children who grow up knowing that mental health is an important and valid part of overall well-being! MHAMT aims to bring this vision to reality by supporting children’s resilience and mental health with the I.C. Hope campaign.

I.C. Hope is MHAMT’s duck mascot, a friendly and non-threatening character that helps young children and youth approach mental health topics that regularly impact childhood, such as bullying, stress, depression, body image issues, eating disorders, and ADHD. I.C. Hope’s message to children is “Don’t Duck Mental Health,” and the program is designed to give young people the tools they need to recognize and talk about mental health issues they and their peers may be facing.

This program is available to come to classrooms, camps, youth groups, and other community spaces that care for children and youth, and it includes professionally-facilitated, age-appropriate activities and discussions. The presentations are designed to help children and youth learn how to talk about and seek help for mental health issues as they arise, so that they can get support before issues become serious or life-threatening.

If you are interested in having I.C. Hope come visit the children or youth you work with, please contact Amy Burgess at aburgess@mhamt.org for more information or booking.