The J. Speed Thomas Mental Assistance Center is at the core of the Mental Health Association of Middle Tennessee. Through this program, community members have the opportunity to address mental health concerns related to self, a family member, an employee or other individual with concerned, compassionate and competent staff members. our trained staff gives information, encouragement, and support to hundreds of clients each year, connecting them with treatment and services. Clients come from every walk of life: families grappling with a new diagnosis or a crisis, providers searching for support services for their patients, people in recovery who need a helping hand.

Every year approximately 1,000 individuals reach out to the J. Speed Thomas Mental Health Assistance Center for direction, guidance and information. Many of those who call or email are family members. By speaking directly to a trained mental health professional, callers are able to discuss their concerns and receive the most appropriate referral information. The J. Speed Thomas Mental Health Assistance Center is, in this way, integral in supporting strong families in the community when they are confronted with unexpected mental health crises.

If you have concerns about your own or a loved one’s mental health and need to talk with a mental health professional, please contact the Mental Health Assistance Center at 615-269-5355. All services are free, including in-depth clinical consultations, newsletters, and educational forums.

The MHAC is named after J. Speed Thomas, a former MHAMT board member who struggled with depression for most of his life.

May is Mental Health Month.