Mental Health Awareness Month–#4Mind4Body

Mental Health Awareness Month

Maureen Iselin


May 14, 2019

Since 1949, Mental Health America and its chapters, including Mental Health America of the MidSouth, along with other mental health organizations and advocates across the country, have observed May as Mental Health Awareness Month. The goal of this observance is to raise nationwide awareness about issues related to and importance of mental health and wellbeing. 

This year, Mental Health America is using the theme of #4Mind4Body to explore the roles animal companionship, work-life balance, spirituality/religion, humor, and social connections play in boosting mental health and overall wellbeing. For example, studies indicate that strong social support systems improve overall outcomes and the ability to bounce back from stress. 1  In addition, spiritual practices like meditation have been shown to increase levels of good chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins, while at the same time decreasing levels of certain chemicals associated with stress. 2

So what can you do to help raise awareness during this year’s Mental Health Awareness Month? 

  • Follow Us: Follow Mental Health America of the MidSouth on our social media channels and share our posts and resources with your followers. 
  • Share Your Story: Use #4Mind4Body to share how you boost your own mental health and overall wellbeing. 

For more information about Mental Health Awareness Month and Mental Health America’s #4Mind4Body campaign, visit

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