Why is there a lack of monetary support in the mental health industry when it is such a widespread issue? According to the National Institute of Mental Health, one in five Americans experiences some kind of mental health issue within their lifetime. Unfortunately, as incidents start to occur more often, the funds are not increasing along with them. Mental health groups are not focusing their efforts according to the uprising situations that are happening.

Results from a Mental Health and Addiction Network (MHAN) study show that 88 percent of charities focused on mental-health issues did not alter their fundraising efforts and therefor 72 percent of the organizations saw no change in the amount of money raised.

Philanthropy.com states that the biggest obstacle to raising money for the cause is “donor fatigue”. Donor fatigue is the lessening of public willingness to respond generously to charitable appeals. Although mental health is well known, there are small segments of people that actually understand the issue. These people who understand are usually the ones to donate and add funds to the cause, but year after year of receiving funds from the same individuals causes that donor fatigue for those generous people. Not reaching out to new donors and organizations limits the amount of money that will be generated for years to come.

Many organizations host events and charity drives to raise money and awareness for the cause, but just like many other businesses have found within the past couple of years, fundraising online seems to be the way to go. Gaining awareness online reaches a broader mass of people quickly and efficiently. As news articles and stories cover the Internet, they bring about more awareness and offer people the opportunity to donate to the cause easily through various websites. Due to the studies conducted by MHAN, 41% of responders said they experience success with online fundraising compared to the 28% percent that said the same thing in 2013.

With everything happening across our country, from self-violence to mass shootings, it’s important to share knowledge about the importance of mental health awareness and keep focused on what we can do to help those in need. As we enter the New Year, think about ways to increase your fundraising and reach new people to help the cause. Every person can make a big impact and difference in their community with even the smallest gesture.