Multicultural Outreach

The Multicultural Outreach Program (formerly Hispanic Outreach Program) helps non-English speaking clients locate mental health providers, advocates for increased mental health services for Nashville’s foreign-born residents, and builds coalitions with other agencies to create new resources.  MOP provides support groups for Hispanic women and middle school students, offers cultural training for other agencies, and holds monthly meetings to provide resources and information for agencies that work with Hispanic and multicultural communities.

In 2002 the MHAMT’s Hispanic Outreach Program (HOP) began conducting “Las Mujeres de Hoy” educational/support groups, using a curriculum developed by our bilingual Hispanic Outreach Specialist, Luisa Hough, to address the mental health needs of Hispanic women in Nashville.


MOP is providing the community 2 support groups per week for Hispanic women
Once per year in the spring we do a mental health series on the radio
Offering support groups in metro Nashville schools for immigrant and refugee teens

Services Available to Hispanic/Latino Community

  •     Information and Referral
  •     Assessments and Consultations
  •     Mental Health Support / Educational Groups
  •     Mental Health Education
  •     Acculturation
  •     Advocacy
  •     Leadership Training
  •     Development of Resources and Prgrams

Services to Other Organizations/Businesses

  •     Cultural Presentations
  •     Building Community
  •     Capacity
  •     Encuentro Latino Monthly Meetings
  •     Mental Health Training for Interpreters
  •     Resources for Hispanics
  •     Brochures in Spanish and other languages
  •     Information and referrals for your multicultural employees and clients


Hispanic Support Groups

Hispanic Women’s Educational Group and Hispanic Mental Health Information and Referral Services – Claudia Avila-Lopez, Mental Health America, 615-269-5355.

Spanish speaking AA Groups
145 Thompson Lane
M-F – 8:00-9:00pm
Cumberland Heights – also accepts court ordered domestic violence & DUI’s

“Mi Ultima Copa en Nashville.”
2122 Utopia Avenue
Meets Monday-Saturday
8:00pm – 9:30pm and Sunday, 2:00pm – 3:30 pm

Catholic Charities Refugee and Immigrant Services
Resettlement Services for Refugees for the first few months in the United States (length of services depend on program). Immigrant Services are available for assistance with immigration forms (fee charged).

Iraqi House –615-831-1103
Services for all Iraqis

Somali Community Center – 615-399-5200
Services for the Somali Community

Kurdish Human Rights Watch – 615-331-1956
Services for the Kurdish Community

Kurdistan Cultural Lobby – 615-445-7975
Services for the Kurdish Community

Lentz TB Clinic – 615-340-5650
Arabic, Sudanese, Spanish interpreters on site.

Maternal and Infant Clinic at Metro General Hospital
Kurdish, Arabic and Spanish interpreters on-site, other languages available as needed. Services for pregnant women, infants, and children.

Metro Schools’ Bilingual Education Office – 615-298-8467
Support Services for ESL

Metro Social Services Refugee Program
615-880-3441, 615-862-6491
School Orientation Program, Cultural Sensitivity Training, Employment and Social Adjustment Services.

Nashville Kurdish Forum – 615-333-9111

Refugee English Classes for Adults – 615-783-2800

Siloam Family Health Center – 615-298-5406

Volunteer Medical Clinic with sensitivity in refugee/immigrant issues. Minimal cost for services ($5-10)
Somali Community Center – 615-399-5200
Services for the Somali Community

Sudanese Community in Tennessee
William Adiang: 615-366-0988
Services for Sudanese Community

TennCare Consumer Advocacy Refugee Advocates
615-313-9840 Arabic/Kurdish
615-313-9382 Bosnian/other refugees
615-313-9894 Somali
615-313-9899 Vietnamese
Assistance with TennCare and TennCare Transportation

World Relief – 615-833-7735
Resettlement Services for Refugees for the first few months in the United States (length of services depend on program).
Assistance with some immigration paperwork (fee charged).

For information regarding other providers with experience in dealing with refugee or immigrant services, contact Meryl Taylor at Metro Refugee Services at 615-880-3441.